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Richard fell uncontrollably in love with the banjo in around 2001. He'd played banjo way back in the Jefferson Street Jug Band, circa 1968, but didn't discover clawhammer banjo until recenty.

Someone once asked Steve Martin why he plays the banjo. He replied, "You can't hear a banjo and not smile."

RIchard plays a Mike Ramsey banjo. It has a Schatten pickup in it. Fabulous, deep mountain sound unlike the normal 'BBs flowing over rhythmically crumpled aluminum foil' sound of a bluegrass banjo.

Banjo people are wonderful, quirky and at the cutting edge of antiquity.
It's a great underground culture that deserves your love!
Listen to Bob Carlin's wonderful piece on banjo history - link below.

Here are some cool banjo links. Support these folks. Buy a banjo. Fall in love!

• Neat banjo history from Bob Webb. You'll enjoy it
* Mike Ramsey Banjos
• Cool Minstrel Banjo
• Brooks Masten's banjos

• North Carolina Public Radio & Bob Carlin- Banjo History - Listen
• Jason Romero Banjos