Organic Blueberry Farmer
Longbeard Music

Richard's Authorized Autobiography That Could Fit In A Gnat's Purse
I was born before computers, color tv, the internet, cellphones and rock and roll. I'm older than most of the trees in your yard. I also attend the same church they do.


A Pinch of the Recordings
Jefferson Street Jug Band, Fonotone Records, 1969
Sky Cobb, Basement Tapes, 1970-73
Richard Sales Band, Basement Tapes, 1975
Red Sales & The Sunsets, Warner Basement Tapes, 1976-79
Circus Underwater, GlassWing Records (GWR), 1983
Custom Songs for NPR ATC 1985-89
Stories From The Hearth, GWR, 1994 (Award Winning)
Bhagavan Das, Holy Ghost Sessions, GWR, 2000
The Soul Is Greater Than The Hum of Its Parts, GWR, 2001
Chasing Tumbleweed, GWR, 2004
Hayley Sales, Universal Music, 2006-2012, Verve 2015
The Blue Pill, GWR, 2014
Fiddleheads of Spring, 2018 (also called Pappio etc)
Pappio and The Wonderbeings, GWR, 2019
Seven Mirrors, Rev.1 GWR, April 2020

A Thimble of History

The Jefferson Street Jug Band
Circus Underwater, John Fahey, Hayley Sales, NPR, many video games, commercials, documentaries, short films and saints

...And Job References
"The man can really play" Chuck Berry
"Wow! What a voice" Jerry Garcia