composer for film
engineer producer
glasswing studios

"I love that sound" Phil Cacayorin, Island Records USA

Hayley Sales "Sunseed" Universal Music, Nominated for Best Engineered Album 2008.
R Sales recorded/engineered

engineer producer

Richard has engineered some amazing artists, from John Fahey to Danny Gatton to Bernice Reagon of Sweet Honey In The Rock and her wonderful daughter Toshi Reagon. He recorded Miles Davis (with Jim Smith), Wavy Gravy, Ken Kesey and tons of other folks.

He co-produced Hayley Sales first two records, First Flite and Drifter with Hayley. Produced Wavy Gravy (NAIRD award winning), Bhagavan Das, Shree Maa and Stories From The Hearth, winner of the Parent's Choice Gold Award.

His approach to producing is to first find artists who are very original, authentic artists and visionaries. Once this is done 90% of his work is complete. The goal then is to become inspiring but invisible... and to provide the tools to bring the artists' genius to life.

He currently prefers working with more acoustic based music.

He will play guitar, keyboards, arrange voices etc if needed.