R.Sales Music Sampler - traveling backward in time
In each of these playlists, there's a list of songs (white area with song titles) below the picture of outer space. Scroll around on the right side of that area and a bar will appear where you can scroll down the list and select which song you wanna hear. Pretty cool!!!

As a general rule of thumb, if you have a strong desire for a pitcher of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, it's currently being served at the Psychedelic Honky Tonk. It's a roller coaster. Pappio & The Wonderbeings is maybe more solid ground - great for the jog the morning after chugging said pitcher of Pappy.V. And for those who want to chill in a vat of warm chamomile tea, head straight for Bridges To Heaven.

Psychedelic Honky Tonk - from zany chucklers to talking, man-eating tombstones in one collection. Recorded during bout with pneumonia! - 2 weeks March 2019

Pappio And The Wonderbeings - with grant from Creative BC, R.Sales had fun grafting a dash of R&B onto moonwalking lyrics. Has the popular "Magic Room" on it. Recorded 2017-18

Bridges To Heaven - Acoustic songs. Kinder, gentler, chamomile tea for the frazzled. Many from Portland Oregon days - late 90s. Hayley Sales some vocals, Luke Sales mute trumpet

Coming soon... hopefully:
80s Songs - from the old Maryland studio days.
Circus Underwater - the highly collectable vinyl. Jay Yarnall, Jay Turner and I
Deep Antiquity - songs from 69-83.