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"wow! what a voice!' jerrry garcia

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richard sales is a farmer and musician
raises organic blueberries on vancouver island
when the moon is full he dreams of banjos
have you ever put a light behind a banjo head in a dark room?
when the sun is up he clears wind broken trees from the woods in the back
he loves his tractor, chain saw, farm and flying machines
he loves his family and friends
they've taught him things like, 'god is the air'
and 'you're nobody special... sometimes nobody... sometimes special!"

he also records his daughter hayley sales. plays in her band.
recorded her wonderful record at the blueberry farm

he's done an awful lot of music in his lifetime.

he believes in sustainable everything:
music, lifestyle, blueberries, friendships

he worries about the state of the earth, but it has been said that God said,:
When when, oh Arjuna ,
there is a decline of dharma and the rise of adharma,
then I manifest myself

The Bhagavad Gita (around 3100 BC)