…came slow on the heels of language (language being the second major portal to our higher dimension – music being the first).  Words came well after melodies, only showing up around 150,000 years ago.  Musical instruments appeared around 35,000 years ago.  Writing is the baby – building ladders to the stars only since 3300 B.C.  Those ladders didn’t become portable in the West until the 15th Century.  Many consider Gutenberg’s printing press the most important invention in human history.  It unleashed magic. 

Both music and language can carry intoxicating, magnifying information.  Some quantum physicists have recently theorized that information could be a powerful force, like gravity – that it impacts the fundamental fabric of reality.

Both history and current world events prove that information can profoundly change how we think.  It can trigger sea changes in us that can diminish or expand us.  The best writers have been inspired by this potential since the dawn of language, but some writers empower the reader, some the writer.  And while no one chooses to be de-powered, or diminished, some language is like crack to the spoiled child inside us.

This presents a weighty challenge for empowering writers. – how to combat the catnip genius of darkness?

The conflict is as old as language, but history is encouraging – light makes civilizations brighter while darkness blinds them.

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