…oozes from the veil between our higher dimension and the dusty dirt road of time and flesh.  Without question, the greatest poets are voices of our higher dimension: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tzu – and then Walt Whitman, William Blake, Rumi  etc.  

Included here are samples of two different kinds of Richard’s poetry – lyric poems and blank verse.  The lyric poems are lyrics waiting for the singer and band to show up.  Blank verse can’t wait for anything – it just explodes on the page – too impatient for harmonies and rhymes.  Either way, the best poetry is always infused with music. 

Blank Verse
A lot of the blank verse comes from his unpublished book, The Divine Jukebox (2010). It was written in an absolute frenzy – a nervous buildup (the opposite of a nervous breakdown) – a bonfire of the heart/mind fueled by highly flammable ephiphanies.  He locked himself in the studio and wrote all day while the farm hobbled on without him.  His belovéd understood it was best to leave him alone – he was totally gone.

These poems came hot on the heels of his “The Truth Is Uncertainty” revelation.  You can read that essay in the Prose section (The Nutritional Mystery), but The Divine Jukebox was the next step up from falling in love with uncertainty – which religions in the past called “the Mystery.”  For Richard, it was a soul changing epiphany – that reality is designed to keep us in the dark, humbled, unknowing, searching – and that the great scriptures are poetic expressions of how to find heaven while living in this vast, intelligent mystery.  The sacred stories / scriptures can be read as metaphoric guidebooks, maps, poetic descriptions of the process to the beautiful mind – and the higher dimension of life on earth.  The writers of scriptures were humans in a very supernatural nervous buildup.

He calls it his “Pentecostal Pantheistic Period.”  He was dancing down the aisles of the church of the imagination, naked, waving one hand in the air while chugging communion wine with the other. 

Lyrical Poetry
are poems we’d like to see put to music.  Richard is trying to work up enough energy to do that now – we’re hoping to see some put to song by 2022.  He calls this project Beatnik Hip Hop.  Why?  The beatniks were a collision of love for deep literature and the beatific, beautiful mind.  This was best expressed by Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.

Hopefully coming someday  soon!  The Good Nature Farms Roadside Farm Stand where you can buy Richard’s writings and music – and other goodies from the creative volcano known as Good Nature Farms. 

Thank you very much for caring about poetry.  It is a miracle of the human heart/mind.