“Thank you wholeheartedly for taking a moment out of your day to brighten mine with such kind and luminous words – what a gift!” 
Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

“(These poems have…) struck a rich vein, words tumbling into place with a fluidity, an eloquence, seemingly effortlessly.”
David Sylvian, Songwriter/Poet, Virgin Records/Samhadi Records

“…the poetry of a man who knows the language from vast critical and pleasurable reading. … passionate and sensitive” 
Daniel Mark Epstein, Poet / NEA & Guggenheim Fellowships, Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Arts & Letters, 

“The directness and virility and splash-of-ice-water-on-the-face insight remind me at times of Walt Whitman. Line after line catches my breath. Great, great work!”
Linda Johnsen, Author & Scholar, Eckhart Tolle Editions

“This is poetry that does the thing in art I most value: delivers full blown, non specific metaphor that is expandable and mutable – an image painted with a broad brush that leaves a strong visceral taste in your brain, without getting stuck in one place”
James Stark Smith, Technical Director National Public Radio and Black Entertainment Television

“…the voice who represents all of us… our spokesperson, our poet laureate”
Christy Naval, 15 seconds of topless fame in the original Woodstock movie, Facebook 

“The writing is beautiful, very intense and seems even more pertinent in these weird, apocalyptic-like times. It is the big stuff”
Susan Masden, Fine Artist