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It should be noted that since around 1974, when Richard got his first Tandberg tape recorder, he’s been recording songs.  This list includes only the projects that other people may have heard – or somehow snuck out the door of his studio.  Over time, all of these records – and more – will be released.  

1964 – 1969 – Numerous ‘shade tree’ bands
1969 – 1970 Jefferson Street Jug Band
(Fonotone Records, Film – Memphis ’69)
Band Members – Kerry Fahey, Tim Bunnell, Skip Anna, Rob Campbell, Richard Sales
1970 – 1973 Sky Cobb, Basement Tapes
Craig Warner, Markus Cuff, Bruce MacKinnon, Greg Pugliese, Jaime MacKinnon, Richard Sales
1975 – Richard Sales Band, Warner Basement Tapes
Craig Warner, Markus Cuff, Bruce Archer, Jaime MacKinnon, Richard Sales
1976 – 1979 Red Sales & The Sunsets (Hal Howland Basement Tape)
Hal Howland, James Stark Smith, Martha & Mary Sales, Russel Stone, Richard Sales
1980 – Cranes – Pugliese Basement Tapes
Art Bessett, Dave Kern, Greg Pugliese and Richard Sales
1983 – Circus Underwater (GlassWing Records (GWR)
Jay Allison Turner, Jay Yarnall, Mary & Martha Sales, Richard Sales
1985 – 1989 National Public Radio – Custom Songs for NPR ATC, various shows
1990 – 2003
– Music for film and video (Nike, ESPN, Intel, Apple etc)
1994 – Stories From The Hearth, GWR, (Parent’s Choice Gold Award)
2000 – Holy Ghost Sessions, Bhagavan Das & Richard Sales GWR
2001 – The Soul Is Greater Than The Hum of Its Parts, Richard Sales GWR
2004 – Chasing Tumbleweed, GWR
2006 – Present Hayley Sales, Universal Music, 2006-2012, Verve 2015
Darren Parris, Tacket Brown, Hayley Sales, Richard Sales – Guitar and Producer/Engineer
2014 – The Red Pill, “Outbuilding Tapes”
Richard Sales
2017 – Psychedelic Honky Tonk (The Pneumonia Songs) “Outbuilding Tapes” 
Richard Sales
2019 – Pappio and The Wonderbeings, “Outbuilding Tapes”
Richard Sales
2020 – Seven Mirrors, Rev.1 “Outbuilding Tapes”
Richard Sales
2022 – Present – Beatnik Hip Hop
Richard Sales / Forest Walker