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We’ll start with those ideas that generated fundamental mind shifts in Richard’s life and art and introduce more as we find and edit them into intelligible English.  Some of these ideas have been shared in the past, like the revelation of “The Nutritional Mystery” (truth that feeds our spirits/Arts and makes us stronger, more creative and healthy).  It was inspired by an idea tossed off by Karen Armstrong in her fantastic A History Of God. For those that don’t know, Karen Armstrong is one of the most important – and useful (nutritional) writers about the higher dimension alive today. She and Linda Johnsen are on the top shelf in the heart library of R.Sales. This essay was written in early 2009. Out of it came The Divine Jukebox (2010) which generated high praise from celebrated poets and writers.

The Kingdom of Heaven was from 1997-98, another, earlier giant step for Richard.  This is from the period when his life was shattered by multiple sea change tragedies – all at once.  The Kingdom of Heaven is the door that that appeared in the rubble of that.  

Various Nervous Buildups could be seen as the details of the sea change revelations like The Nutritional Mystery or The Kingdom Of Heaven.